TSC Week

Ok so it’s been a while since my last post, but i have been without internet for a while, so this is what went on during the holidays.

I arrived at the TSC house on saturday the 9th and was up riding on sunday.

The first few days riding was a little disappointing due to the weather, however it was all about getting back into it so it didn’t really affect our training.

Most of the afternoons cleared up to some extent though, and allowed us to session some built hips or even learn some upside down tricks on this little but super fun quarter/hip thing!

Then Buller pulled through for us and gave us sunshine from Thursday to Saturday, and even a decent size jump for us to test out! So it was good to get a morning of jump training in.

The skyline park was really well set out and super fun, especially with being able to learn new tricks on the low barrel and take it to the down bar.

As the week went on there was lots of hype about the new Burton Cattleman’s replica being put in for try outs for the Burton Cattleman’s Rail jam.

The MBP crew were real busy with it and got it all complete and ready to hit by friday arvo!

So one by one people started to hit it, and more and more people were getting super stoked on it and how sick it actually was.

So try outs for Cattleman’s was on saturday and 5 wildcard spots were up for grabs. The feature was open in the morning for anyone to hit, then the 45 minute jam took place around midday.

Everyone rode super sick, especially the TSC kids who were trying out, however only one pulled through with a wildcard which was Cam Staveley (who rode super sick in the actual event, reports are he got 5th! so sick). And of course the already pre-qualified Tim Laidlaw getting best trick!

And the Cattleman’s event completed the first week of TSC, with everyone being super stoked on how it turned out.

This weekend is the Forum Battle at Baw Baw. A super fun rail jam event that i have previously competed in, should be real fun! I will keep you updated on that and everything else that is going on!

This is an edit made by AussieSnowboard.com of the Cattleman’s rail jam event. Even though i didn’t get in, i do feature in right at the start, check out how sick the event was!


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