Hotham Junior Series

On friday morning the TSC crew and myself headed to Mt Hotham for the first stop of the Australian Junior Series.

We got up to the mountain around 2 and made our way to the rails park which was where our first comp was, the ‘Basin Rail jam’, which was not part of the junior series, just one of the sweet local comps.

Everyone rode super well. Ended up making finals then finishing in 4th or 5th.

Big Air was up next to start off the series. About 15 minutes before training kicked off, about 5 of us noticed very large core shots caused by one of the features in the park. It was a rush to try and get them rideable for the comp, but we managed to do so with a pair of kitchen scissors.

We had a super long practise that went for about 2 hours, lots of time to get our tricks sorted.

Format was 2 runs, best run gets you through. Top 4 made finals, then again, 2 chances to impress the judges.

I managed to land my second run in qualifications after crashing on my first, and fortunately it was enough to get me through to finals.

Then i put down a front and back 7 in finals, which i was pretty excited about.
I ended up winning the event so i was super stoked on that.

Boarder-cross was on sunday, however after a few competitors had had done their runs they decided to call it off due to poor visibility.

So apart from my board having a hole in the middle of it, i had a pretty fun weekend.
Unfortunately no shots of the course, hopefully a bit of footage showcasing what went on soon!




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