Stop 2 – Perisher

So the Perisher Stop of the Junior Series was a huge success.

We had sun every day and perfect conditions for both Slope and Pipe.

Slope was up first on friday and everyone would agree that the setup was fairly sick.

I put down both my runs and came out on top which i’m so stoked about! Fellow TSC crew members Daniel Klein and Harry Green in 2nd and 3rd which was sweet!

Pipe was next on saturday and another bluebird day. It held up surprisingly well through out the day and i somehow ended up in second. Stoked on that too!

Sunday was yet again blue bird and the bottom jump was in prime condition. We had a big morning of training on the jumps, each of us working on different things. Ended up landing my first back 9 which i’m pretty excited about. Bit sloppy on the landing so hopefully i can clean it up this weekend at Stylewars!

As i mentioned above i have Stylewars comming up this weekend at Falls Creek.

I’ll be leaving friday and comming home about Thursday. Mixed emotions about the size of the jump, but i’m still pretty excited to see what it’s like.


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