Stylewars wrap up

Stylewars has finished and it was the funnest comp i have ever entered.

Apart from having sunshine every day, i had such a good time riding and competing with a lot of my idols. It was pretty intimidating at first but as the sessions went it turned out to be super fun.

The format was basically a jam and you could choose which runs you wanted to be judged on or not. This allowed the competition to be a lot more relaxed, but at the same time everyone was trying hard to get their best possible run down.

I ended up coming 8th out of 30 or so riders which i’m super happy about!

The rail jam finished off the event and everyone was throwing down. Fair to say that the stair set was pretty big and scary!

I am training at buller for the rest of the season and i don’t think any comps are due until i head to NZ for the nationals. Can’t wait!

This is one of the edits that showcases all the action from day 1 of competition!


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