Comps done, time to train.

I had the Slopestyle event on yesterday and Boarder-cross today.

Slope went pretty good, had a bit of issues in training but sorted my run out just in time. Landed my first run which consisted of: Front 3 tap (barrel thing), gap to boardslide (down-flat-down), 50-50 (canon box), Front 7, Back 7. Unfortunately i crashed my second run but my first was still good enough for second place which i’m stoked on!

Boarder-cross isn’t really my thing but still good to give it a go. Somehow made top 8 in time trials which got me through to the heats. Came third in my first heat which put me into the small final (competing for 5th – 8th), and ended up coming second in that so i ended up 6th overall. Pretty happy with that result as well considering i’m not the best racer out there.

Now that i’ve finished competing for this trip, it’s time to start training. Not sure what mountain we will be at but hope the weather turns out good! Going to film a bit as well and hopefully get enough footage to chuck a quick edit together of the trip.


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