The Mile High

Unfortunately the Mile High event was cut short due to bad weather, but the first day of riding was still super fun! The jumps were definitely some of the best i have hit in Australia and the weather was prime time!

It was a jam format, so you could get as many judged runs as you wanted within the time period. The course was split up into two parts and each section had a 1 hour jam session.

The first section of the course was: down bar, bonk feature, pole jam, 40 ft jump.

The second section was: 50 ft jump into a 65 ft jump.

I landed a couple of alright runs which i was pretty happy with and finished up in 11th after the first day, which ended up being the final results.

Stylewars is up next at Falls Creek, so hopefully the weather turns on for us!

Check out the day one edit below.

Back 7, photo credit: Nathan Wood


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