New Zealand

So i’ve been in NZ for 4 days now and so far it’s sick!

We headed up to Cardrona on the first day and even though it was overcast and hard to see we still had a super fun time shredding the real fun rail set up they have there.

The second day we checked out Snow Park and again, not the greatest weather. The jib line there is still fun though and the main triple line they have looks so nice, can’t wait to session them.

Today we were at Cardies again and after finding some freshies in the morning, had another fun park day. My coach Will brought up one of his old Bataleon boarder-cross boards for me to ride and do some technique stuff on. It’s a 163 and the stiffest thing i have ever ridden. It was heaps of fun though and definitely going to be taking it out some more.

In the arvo we got to hit the triple line Cardies has up. The jumps are nice and poppy so can’t wait to start having some good sessions on them.

163 Bataleon BX board, C60 bindings and a mad set back stance

Cardrona late arvo



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