Bad ending

So i was just cruising around the other week at cardies hitting the rail line. Went onto a flat-up-flat box and caught my toes, smashing into the up on my stomach.

After about 3 visits to different medical centres/hospitals and being told it was just bruising, i finally got a scan on my stomach and figured out that i lacerated my spleen. This basically means i have a big cut in my spleen, and because of this a bit of blood leaked into my stomach.

I was in Dunedin hospital for about 4 days, not being allowed to do anything but chill, most boring thing ever.

I’m out now and it’s feeling alright, still hurts a bit but i should be right to start doing exercise and what not in about 6 weeks, until then i just have to chill.

Not my ideal end to the season as i still have a huge number of unticked goals, but i guess they will have to wait until the northern season.

front 3

cab 5



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