Park Laps at Breck


I’m out!

Okay so not heaps went on towards the end of the season for me.

I went up to Canada for the World Champs in Stoneham and didn’t ride very well at all which was pretty lame but i guess you gotta have bad days to have some good ones.

So the last week or so i was in Breck just working on getting some new tricks sorted.

I’m on my way back to AUS right now which sucks but i guess i have to go finish school forever!

Check this clip Tim Laidlaw put together of one day of filming last week on freeway!

The World Cup experience

Finals was pretty much the craziest experience i’ve had on a snowboard to date.

It was basically the top 15 riders in the world right now, and me haha.

Conditions were also super hard with copper getting a really annoying amount of snow the night before so it was definitely a struggle for some to just clear the jumps, including me.

So besides not landing a run anywhere close to my qualifying run, i was still just stoked to make it to finals and ride and compete against the biggest names in snowboarding right now and most of the guys i look up too, crazy.

I ended up in 11th which is way beyond what i ever thought i’d finish! Especially considering how stacked the event was.

Anyway moving on from that, i go to Canada in 2 days for the World Champs at Stoneham, can’t wait!

Getting AMPED before dropping

Getting AMPED before dropping

Finals baby!

So after crashing my first run, i managed to pull it together for my second and stomp it!

Even better than that i qualified 1st in my heat to make it through to finals which is so sick because i beat some of the guys i look up too such as Gjermund Braaten and Peetu Piiroinen!

My run was: cab 1 on, front 1 off (down bar), cab 1 on, back 1 off (bus shelter), switch back 7, cab double 9, back double 10.

Finals is tomorrow which will be pretty gnarly due to the huge lineup.

Hopefully i can just land my run and get a good result!

Finals start list!

Finals start list!

Qualified 1st in heat 3 with an 83.3!

Qualified 1st in heat 3 with an 83.3!


Copper Grand Prix

Today was training day 1 for the World Cup at Copper.

The course is super fun and the jumps are definitely the best i have ever ridden at Copper.

Tomorrow we have training first up so real keen to get straight into it and start putting some more tech runs together.

Then Wednesday is comp day! 

Pretty much every pro is here for this comp so hopefully i can put down a good run and finish well.


rider credentials


BCKFLR before training