Been here for about a week now and everything is going pretty good!

Just getting back into things and getting all my tricks back.

Been riding Keystone a whole lot because their jump line is sick as well as their jib line.

We also set up a little down bar in our backyard that we used to shoot for the TSC Christmas Edit, so keep an eye out!

Breck has opened Freeway now, which is their big jump line, so hopefully we can start training on them and get stuck into some new tricks!




Back at it

I’m back in Breck!

Got here a few days ago and the season is definitely starting off nicely. 

I’m only over here for 6-7 weeks because i’ll be completing year 12 next year, so hopefully i can get stuck into it right away and learn some new tricks!

I’m injury free right now so hopefully i maintain that for the rest of the season as well.

Been shredding 2 days so far and it’s been super fun.

Brecks park is lacking a bit because of the Dew tour being on so hopefully they step up after its all done, but keystone definitely has it sorted right now. 


Cab 5


Super fun day at Keystone

Bad ending

So i was just cruising around the other week at cardies hitting the rail line. Went onto a flat-up-flat box and caught my toes, smashing into the up on my stomach.

After about 3 visits to different medical centres/hospitals and being told it was just bruising, i finally got a scan on my stomach and figured out that i lacerated my spleen. This basically means i have a big cut in my spleen, and because of this a bit of blood leaked into my stomach.

I was in Dunedin hospital for about 4 days, not being allowed to do anything but chill, most boring thing ever.

I’m out now and it’s feeling alright, still hurts a bit but i should be right to start doing exercise and what not in about 6 weeks, until then i just have to chill.

Not my ideal end to the season as i still have a huge number of unticked goals, but i guess they will have to wait until the northern season.

front 3

cab 5


NZ Update

So not much has been going on. Weather has been average for the most part, except for today which was sick!

Just been working on technical things with all my tricks, trying to get them all as good as possible.

We got to hit Snow Parks triple line for the first time yesterday and it’s pretty good! The weather came in pretty quick though which cut our session short, but was fun to lap them for a bit and get a feel for them.

Cardies turned on the weather for us today and it was so fun. It was bluebird but not super warm which meant the jumps held up really well all day. Hopefully we get heaps more days like today so we can start throwing down!

bluebird and perfect jumps

New Zealand

So i’ve been in NZ for 4 days now and so far it’s sick!

We headed up to Cardrona on the first day and even though it was overcast and hard to see we still had a super fun time shredding the real fun rail set up they have there.

The second day we checked out Snow Park and again, not the greatest weather. The jib line there is still fun though and the main triple line they have looks so nice, can’t wait to session them.

Today we were at Cardies again and after finding some freshies in the morning, had another fun park day. My coach Will brought up one of his old Bataleon boarder-cross boards for me to ride and do some technique stuff on. It’s a 163 and the stiffest thing i have ever ridden. It was heaps of fun though and definitely going to be taking it out some more.

In the arvo we got to hit the triple line Cardies has up. The jumps are nice and poppy so can’t wait to start having some good sessions on them.

163 Bataleon BX board, C60 bindings and a mad set back stance

Cardrona late arvo


Stylewars is a wrap

So once again Falls turned on the weather for Stylewars 2012.

The course was sick and the level of riding was insane with heaps of the Euro guys absolutely killing it.

Unfortunately i didn’t ride super well over the 2 days of competition. I landed a couple of runs which i was fairly happy with but couldn’t hold it together when i tried to step it up.

Although i didn’t put down any super good runs, i did manage to land my first backside double cork 1080 in the best trick jam after the comp was done.

I tried a few of these back in april at Breck, so it’s a trick that has definitely been on my mind since then. I landed it on my third try and i couldn’t be more stoked! Check it out below.

The Mile High

Unfortunately the Mile High event was cut short due to bad weather, but the first day of riding was still super fun! The jumps were definitely some of the best i have hit in Australia and the weather was prime time!

It was a jam format, so you could get as many judged runs as you wanted within the time period. The course was split up into two parts and each section had a 1 hour jam session.

The first section of the course was: down bar, bonk feature, pole jam, 40 ft jump.

The second section was: 50 ft jump into a 65 ft jump.

I landed a couple of alright runs which i was pretty happy with and finished up in 11th after the first day, which ended up being the final results.

Stylewars is up next at Falls Creek, so hopefully the weather turns on for us!

Check out the day one edit below.

Back 7, photo credit: Nathan Wood